Why should you choose our Internet Access Solutions?

At The IC Group, our Internet Access Solutions serve a wide range of internet access methods, subject to both your needs and budget. When it comes to the correct access options, it is based on the size of your organisation, the potential use and connection speed needed.

Without a doubt, our committed leased telecommunications line is the supreme service for large corporations who want exclusionary use of a broadband connection. A business that demands the next level in both speed and reliability should always consider fibre optic broadband as it is the most recent deviation in internet technology and is known for being fast and having a high capacity.

Services offered within our Internet Access Solutions

Within our Internet Access Solutions, we also have to offer our 3G and 4G mobile internet for businesses. With regards to this, we will have a single mobile expert from Direct Comms to come and assess your need and they will recommend a solution that suits you, in which we can help you implement a 3G/4G network incorporating VoIP, mobile phones, tables and computers.

As well as the mobile internet, the IC Group also have to other Leased Lines which provides high speeds and exceptional security designed for your internet access.

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Benefits of our Internet Access Solutions

  • Control – A dedicated Internet connection give you a lot more control throughout your business, ensuring the productivity of your staff remains unaffected by sluggish connections and will remain under control in peak times.
  • Uncontended service – The Internet Access Solution we provide at the IC Group means you have a dedicated internet line that is uncontended. That means you’re not competing with anybody else for the resources available; it’s all for your business. As a result, your internet speeds are reliable, consistent and fast.
  • How fast? – The benefit of having your very own internet connection within your business is that you can have the service tailored to your exact requirements.

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