VoIP: What You Need to Know

VoIP has become a popular telecoms service not only with businesses in the UK but all around the world. The ever-changing technology has become essential, whether you work in an office, school or retail outlet.

In this blog, we will discuss what the service is, how it can benefit your business and why you should choose Direct Comms!

First, let’s starts off with what VoIP is.

To put it simply, VoIP is a way of hosting voice and phone calls over the internet, rather than the traditional phone line connection. You can use this telecoms software on many different devices, including phone handsets, mobiles, tablets and computers, making it the perfect, flexible choice for any worker.

Some of the features include…

Door intercom integration

One feature that many businesses find useful is that as well as being able to make calls, you can also use your VoIP with your door intercom system. This means that instead of having to answer a separate phone to outside visitors, you can use your usual phone system. This gives you the convenience of having everything you need in one place.

Caller ID

As a busy business owner, it’s not always possible to answer every call. By being able to see who is calling, you can filter which calls you answer. If you know you need to answer a certain call but want to avoid sales callas and ones from unknown numbers, this feature is the perfect way to do it.

Hold music

If you often have many people calling your business, it is a good idea to have hold music while they are waiting. This gives them something to listen to, rather than silence or background noise, while they are waiting for someone to answer. Some businesses also choose to tell customers what position they are in the queue, so they have an idea of how long they will need to wait.

Find me/follow me

Expecting an important call? Don’t worry, you never have to miss one again! The find me/follow me feature allows you to have calls diverted to other numbers if you don’t answer. For example, if you aren’t available on your landline the call will be transferred to your mobile and any other devices before going to your voicemail.

There are many benefits to VoIP, including:

Save money

One of the main advantages, and the main reason so many businesses invest in it, is that VoIP can save you money. Rather than paying for the cost of each call, you simply cover the price of the VoIP package as well as your existing broadband. This is something you should think about if you make lots of calls each day, or need to speak to customers who are based internationally.

It offers scalability

If your business grows in the future, this isn’t a problem. Your VoIP package can be adapted to meet your needs, meaning that any new employees can also take advantage of the service.

You can keep your number

If you are worried about having to update your customers with new contact details, don’t! Your phone number can be quickly and simply transferred with your new VoIP package.

Direct Comms have many years of experience in helping businesses with VoIP. We can advise you on the best VoIP telephone handsets, set these up on your business premises and offer software support. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please contact us.

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