Top tech tools for effective virtual meetings

Whether you dread or look forward to meetings, there’s no denying how important they are. Weekly team catch ups, colleagues working out the details of a new campaign, or even crucial sales pitches – can make or break a project or campaign. While ineffective implementation of the infrastructure and technology, that underpins your teams’ collaboration, could be the difference between strategic success and business failure.

Especially considering the current climate, there’s an extra issue to contend with. More and more organisations are operating with remote teams and workers, spread across different locations.

As a result, virtual meetings are becoming the norm. Instead of getting everybody around the boardroom table, employees (and their clients) are heading online. But, doing this successfully is still dependant on having the right technology suite in place. Without it, a virtual meeting can quickly devolve into a loud, incoherent and frustrating mess.

What can go wrong during a virtual meeting?


Just logging on can be a struggle with attendees requiring lengthy entry-codes or finding that they need to download a piece software last minute, that causes them to join the conversation late.

Audio can drop out as a key statement is made, or video quality can be so poor that employees are left staring at unflattering, boxy freeze-frames of a colleague’s face. Slide sharing often fails, too – meaning somebody can’t see the right slide or decipher something important on screen.

These problems are all rooted in technology.

When virtual meeting tech doesn’t work as it should, attendees can rapidly become disengaged, frustrated, and bored. Once time is being wasted trying to connect, people may start fiddling around with other bits of work to stay productive and that often leads to attendees losing focus.

It’s also bad news for the quality of communication. On a crackly conference call, tone and emotion can easily be lost, which is especially concerning if you’re trying to reel-in a key prospect or conversing about a particularly sensitive subject.

Finding tech tools to help your business have effective virtual meetings

It’s a frustrating situation to be in. Fortunately, as most of these issues are caused by outdated or badly implemented technology, the solutions are easily found. This could be a case of investing in a faster and more robust data connection, or it could mean introducing a new solution altogether like Horizon Collaborate.

With Collaborate, seamless virtual meetings become the standard with integrated features like video calling, crystal clear conferencing, as well as instant messaging that all combine to ensure attendees can smoothly join and leave meetings, using visual, voice or written communication. Collaborate also offers a host of efficiency-boosting features, like the ability to set your status as busy when you need to focus on a task and prevent any distractions from members of your team.

Remote workers can take their settings to their home and use their office number and preferences on any enabled smartphone. Collaborate can also be set up to display your company logo and specific adverts; helping to enhance your brand when communicating with external contacts. When considered together, these features can transform your virtual meetings for the better, leading to improved business outcomes, both internally and with clients.

If you can’t avoid meetings, change them

There’s no denying it: face to face meetings aren’t always enjoyable, and plenty of employees would prefer to crack on without them. But for some, the thought of a virtual meeting is even more off-putting!

But to reiterate; this is usually because the technology powering the meeting doesn’t work well.

Since the modern working world is preventing us all getting in the same room at the same time, leveraging the right tools to ensure we can all work like we’re in the same room is essential and we can help make sure your team can make the most of this difficult situation. So, get in touch today and let’s go through exactly what your business needs to keep talking.

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