The Future of Business Communication

Effective business communication has largely remained the same for the last two decades, with a mixture of email, phone and social media enabling the majority of all conversations. But technology is evolving, and new avenues such as instant messaging, webchat and video conferencing are becoming more popular, as customers demand quick-yet-personal responses in a world that is becoming increasingly digital.

This transition to digital communications has been partly driven by BT’s decision to deactivate the PSTN infrastructure that many of us know better as the ‘landline network’ in 2025. This marks a significant change for businesses and consumers alike, as everyone will need to move to an internet-based communication service before the deadline, less than 4 years away.

Why are the PSTN and ISDN being switched off?

Put simply, it’s a matter of reliability, scalability and cost. Much of the technology that underpins the landline network is decades old, built on ageing copper wires that are prone to degradation over time. Engineers with the experience to maintain the system, as well as replacement parts, are becoming harder and more expensive to source.

Plus, PSTN lines (Public Switched Telephone Network) were never originally intended to drive as much traffic as it currently does and struggles under such massive loads. As the nation’s ever-increasing demand for bandwidth continues, meaning the phone line network will soon become unfit for its purpose.

Given the fact that any digital communication is a long list of 1’s and 0’s sent over a cable, emerging technologies such as full-fibre and 5G will ensure that we all still have a scalable internet access and calling platform, that can handle the growing demand. Necessitating the need for all lines to be transition to an internet-based solution before it’s deactivated permanently.

Meeting the Needs of Remote Workers

Many businesses had already recognised the benefits of an internet-based phone system – commonly known as VoIP, IP telephony or Unified Communication – to enable robust flexible working strategies for their staff.

Then the challenges that 2020 and the global pandemic brought these to the forefront for all businesses. When the lockdowns were first implemented, many operations struggled to ensure staff had the tools available to work remotely, hurriedly diverting calls to personal mobiles to remain responsive. But these were stop-gaps, not long-term solutions.

Now that businesses have had time to take stock and realise that remote working will be required for the foreseeable future, it presents the perfect opportunity for operations to rethink what they want and need from their communications platform. Not only to ensure they are offering the best service to their customers, but also to safeguard employee engagement.

What’s more, without the expense of maintaining an ageing telephony solution, businesses can actually save money by switching to a VoIP or Unified Communications service!

Key Benefits of Unified Communications

  • Team members can stay productive wherever they are based – office, home or on the go
  • All communication avenues in one single application
  • Reduce the need for expensive on-site hardware and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Site moves become simple with the only requirement being a robust internet connection
  • Management and provision are far quicker with lines added in a matter of minutes
  • All data backed up in secure data centres ensuring simple disaster recovery

Choose IC Group UK

For over two decades, IC Group UK has developed a reputation for quality, service and an ability to exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations. We are accredited partners of industry-leading brands such as Gamma, Avaya, Mitel, Unify and NEC.

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We’re known throughout the industry as being ‘easy to do business with’. We have full management support, from simple provisioning to our UK-based support teams available 24 x 7 x 365. We provide industry leading SLAs and are just as committed to helping you grow your business as we are our own.

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