Redefining the office: Can your business support the new workplace reality?

Businesses are changing. As a nation, our workforces are becoming more agile; no longer restricted by the typical 9-5, Mon-Fri work week, therefore businesses need to leverage the technology and software that enables their staff to work remotely.

Why do businesses need to be more agile?

Flexible working
Now that employees have the right to request flexible working, and employers have a duty of care to consider the request genuinely, more and more businesses are going to need to adapt their connectivity to ensure that it’s a viable option for their staff.

Bring Your Own Device policies have become more popular in recent years. As consumer technology has progressed, many employees already have devices that can be used for business, as well as personal use. Although this does help reduce hardware costs, concerns around security and data protection are increased.

Many of us have experienced the digital and internet revolutions as we have moved through our working lives. For Millennials and Generation-Z, they have only ever known reliable, instantly accessible internet connectivity and communication. These expectations will carry through into their work lives and when you consider that by 2025, 75% of employees will be Millennials, businesses need to make those changes sooner, rather than later.

Collaboration is easier in the cloud
Cloud-based tools are the answer, as they enable staff to work from wherever they are and stay productive. Cloud-based systems also enable greater efficiency and security.

How do cloud-based tools help my business?

To be successful in this new, virtual environment, employees need access to business data and applications, as well as advanced communication tools, from whatever device, location and network they happen to be using at the time.

Many businesses are moving away from landline-based calling solutions, to cloud-based products that enable staff to reroute calls from office phones to their mobile, send voicemail messages via email and other features that enable staff to communicate better and more clearly.

SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms like Microsoft Teams make collaboration far easier by enabling multiple people work on the same document, and as it is saved centrally on the provider’s cloud platform, there’s always a backup and teams can work on projects, even when the files aren’t saved on to their computer.

As all the data is stored in the platform provider’s data centres, businesses don’t have to concern themselves with securing their own data storage. Obviously, it doesn’t remove the risk completely and employees still need to do their utmost to keep documents secure, but it certainly takes a level of concern away from the business and its IT team.

How do I transition to a cloud-based system?

Your data and information are valuable, and just like you would with any other valuable property, if you’re going to put it in the care of another person you need to make sure your custodian is reliable and trustworthy. Look for a provider that has a proven track record, deep technical knowledge and the guarantees to back it up. Then, your business can take advantage of a complete set of UC tools that deliver excellent collaboration services for your staff now and you have the reassurance that your solution is well support and will remain viable for years to come.

Track record of success + testimonials to back it up
Choose a partner that can prove their previous success stories and read their testimonials to get an impression of what to expect when working with them.

Deep knowledge of technology and business processes
You’re going to save time if you can get off on the right foot, with a business that already knows the technology, as well as your typical operations and day-to-day requirements.

Excellent security, control and performance guarantees
Make sure that your chosen supplier has an SLA, so that in the event of downtime, you have a guarantee that your network will be fixed. It’s also worth ensuring they are aware of (and adhere to) any applicable data protection and security guidelines.

Well, look no further than IC Group UK. We have extensive knowledge and experience in helping businesses transition to cloud-based operations. Since 1999, we have gained a reputation for quality, service and technical expertise, so you know the solutions we recommend are right for your business. Contact us on 0330 055 7137 or email us to discover how we can enable your business to save money, increase its agility and remain competitive.

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