Horizon Collaborate: A Truly Unified Communication Platform

Whether your teams need to collaborate internally or communicate with customers, a strong UC (Unified Communications) platform is an essential tool that will enable faster, effective communication across your business for a more productive workforce and even happier customers.

Now that businesses have actioned business continuity plans with teams working remotely, this need is even greater to mitigate the possible impacts on customer service, information access, system control and cost.

What is Horizon Collaborate?

Fully integrated with the award-winning Horizon UC service it includes all of the features and functionality of the Horizon telephony service, though Collaborate is far more than just a fancy way to route your office calls to staff and make calls from home using their office number. The platform allows your staff to communicate more naturally using whatever methods of communication are preferred for a seamless contact experience.

Your staff can take advantage of desktop and application sharing, instant messaging, voice and video calling, as well as video and document sharing; all from an easy-to-use application that acts as your central communications hub.

Using MyRoom, your staff can quickly create ad-hoc conferences with click-and-drag simplicity as well as instant messaging for quick correspondence that doesn’t clog up inboxes. Your teams can also take advantage of crystal clear video and audio conferencing that creates a stronger collaborative experience from both desktop and mobile apps across Windows, Mac/iOS and Android.

Why Choose Collaborate?

Not only is Horizon Collaborate an ideal solution for the remote working conditions that we now find ourselves in, but the right implementation of a UC platform increases the productivity of staff and can also bring some tangible and financial benefits to the business immediately, and in the future.

Improve the workplace experience

By providing your staff with the right tools and enabling teams to be more flexible in working from the device they choose, your employees will be less stressed and more engaged.

Not only does this mean better productivity but this will have a knock-on effect on your customers too, as staff will have more time to dedicate to queries and delivering the exceptional customer experience you expect from your teams.

Reduce business costs and complexity

With having to only pay for the lines you use, no expensive hardware to purchase and cheap internet calling, businesses can save significant amounts when compared to legacy systems. Plus, when businesses return to working from offices, video calling will help to reduce business-based commutes, saving money on travel to clients and customers.

Streamline IT operations

By reducing the number of fractured call-related systems – call recording, reporting, conferencing etc. – your teams have a single user interface to navigate as well as a truly converged fixed and mobile feature set.

High-volume use cases like call-centre implementations, as well as strategic reporting, are far simpler, with intelligent call distribution, call queueing, real-time statistics and visibility, as well as push reporting and alarms; all available and customisable from one central location.

Security and fraud protection

Horizon has the ability to add authorisation codes that control phone access and bar calls from unapproved numbers. It can also detect high or suspicious usage, as well as unauthorised outgoing calling for true 24/7 visibility.

With teams working from home for the foreseeable future, there is an immediate opportunity for businesses to reimagine their communications and develop a modern collaboration platform that works for employees, not against them.

By streamlining the process, including all the necessary communication methods into one, simple interface, complete with landline calling, instant messaging and video conferencing, your teams will be freer to work as they choose. All while Horizon Collaborate saves your business money, provides greater visibility across team behaviour and reporting and protects the security of your data and experience of your customers.

If this sounds like the workplace experience you would like your team to have, then post a comment below, and one of our team will discuss what Horizon Collaborate can do to help improve communication and collaboration across your business.

For more information please watch the Horizon Collaborate video here.

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