ESco has been providing quality services to professional publishers for over thirty-five years, with customer contact centre facilities, subscription and web solutions, as well as fulfilling print and production needs. Its 60+ team bridge the worlds of print and digital publishing and therefore require leading-edge connectivity, hardware and services to ensure the smooth operation and continuing high-standards of its digital content creation and website maintenance.

The Challenge

ESco’s decade-old telephone system was working fine for day-to-day operations until the COVID pandemic forced its team to work remotely. Internally, the business knew a refreshed solution was required long-term, but to ensure continuity, the business needed to ensure calls would reach staff at home for the short-term.

As long-time IC Group customers, when the request came in to divert their calls to staff mobiles, the idea of replacing the existing system to enhance the remote working experience was suggested. However, ESco assumed this would require massive upheaval at a considerable cost and wouldn’t be able to resolve the business’ immediate needs in enabling remote working for staff.

The Solution

IC Group sympathised with the urgency ESco felt in solving their predicament and through their long-lasting relationship, already understood the needs of their staff. As such, rather than simply actioning ESco’s request for assistance, IC Group suggested transitioning to a Gamma Horizon system, which would provide the call diverting they wanted, while also providing the added flexibility and functionality of a hosted system, within the timeframe required.

ESco didn’t think that such a feature would be achievable, especially on such short notice, but IC Group’s on-site engineers achieved just that while ensuring staff safety through social distancing and PPE.

The Results

Within 48 hours of signing the proposal, ESco’s team were up and running. The team were taking live calls with all the same functionality (and more!) than it previously had.

IC Group understood the urgent need to get this system deployed, and they approached the challenge in their usual professional, quick and concise manner, involving on-site IT staff to ensure our system was fit for purpose, as it was being designed.

Matthew O'Malley, Technical Manager

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